The University has facilities for out - door and in – door games such as football, basketball, netball, tennis, table tennis, tug of w ar, volleyball and badminton. The University also has sports equipment such as balls for all mentioned games, jerseys, whistles, ball pumps, stop watches, rackets, sports shoes, corner flags, nets of different games to mention few. Currently there are th ree qualified games tutors who organize and co - ordinates all games and sports activities for both students and staff in and out of the University.

The University is affiliated to local and international sports organizations such as Tanzania Universities S ports Association (TUSA), East Africa Universities Sports Federation (EAUSF), Through TUSA the University is affiliated with Federation of African University Sports (FASU) and Federation of International University Sports (FISU). The University participat e in the National and International sports competitions. Therefore, all students are expected and encouraged to come with sports outfit.

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