1. To encourage academic staff and students to learn and seek knowledge and truth;
  2. To produce highly educated and adequately trained experts well prepared and equipped with requisite skills for self-employment and manning of key positions in both public and private sectors;
  3. To promote, facilitate and sponsor research into technological, social, economic, political and cultural spheres for the welfare and development of mankind within and outside the United Republic of Tanzania;
  4. To seek or institute and award fellowship, scholarships, bursaries, medals, prizes and other forms of awards, assistance or sponsorship for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and pursuit of truth;
  5. To arrange for the publication and dissemination of material produced in connection with the work and activities of the University;
  6. To conduct and administer examination and confer degrees, diplomas, certificates, and other awards of the University;
  7. To develop, promote and undertake the provision of adult, continuing and distance education for the enhancement of good governance and efficacious solution to socio-economic and political problems;
  8. To develop and maintain a reference library and provide library services in the fields of study undertaken by the University;
  9. To cooperate with the government of the United Republic of Tanzania in the planned and orderly development of quality education, science and technology in the United Republic of Tanzania;
  10. To establish links and to cooperate with other national and international institutions in the initiation and conduct of cooperative research, publication and training programmes for the mutual benefit of the cooperating institutions and the United Republic of Tanzania and generally for the pursuit of the mission of the University;
  11. To do any other thing in accordance with the provisions of the Mzumbe University Charter or any other written law in force in the United Republic of Tanzania in pursuance of the mission of the University.  
Mzumbe University,
P.O Box 1 Mzumbe,
Morogoro, Tanzania.
Tel: 255 (0) 23 2931220/1/2
Fax: 255 (0) 23 2931216
Cell: 255 (0) 754694029
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