The First International Conference on Good Governance, Leadership, and Socioeconomic Transformation has begun today in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The conference brings together over 80 experts in the field of Leadership and Good Governance from nine countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

This three-day conference is taking place at the Seascape Hotel in Mbezi Beach and is organized by Mzumbe University, in collaboration with Kabale University in Uganda.

Speaking at the conference opening, Dr. Idda Lyatonga, the Chairperson of the conference from Mzumbe University, stated that the participants would discuss more than 18 research studies in various areas of Governance, Management, and Leadership. Some of the research areas include Governance and Management in Universities, Governance in Socioeconomic Development, Corruption, Governance in Local Government Authorities, Citizen Participation in Development, and Technology.

"We expect that this conference will lead to further research and improve the presentations that will be published in various national and international journals, with the aim of enhancing a broad understanding of administrative issues in society," Dr. Lyatonga said.

Furthermore, through this conference, Dr. Lyatonga expressed the hope that the resolutions arising from the discussions and presentations would be presented at different decision-making levels and administrative authorities to stimulate debates on improving performance systems, governance, and justice delivery, as well as the formulation of policies to address various administrative and decision-making challenges in our countries.

The conference aims to inspire academics to increase their efforts in conducting research that fosters societal changes, establish collaborations in research, and develop strategies for universities to engage in solving various challenges affecting society by involving the community.

More than 75 participants are attending the conference from Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Brazil, while over 15 partners from the United States, South Korea, Canada, and the United Kingdom are participating virtually.


The Chairperson of the Conference, Dr. Idda Lyatonga, welcoming the participants during the opening of the conference.

Prof. Dominique Uwizeyimana, from the University of Johannesburg, presenting a topic at the International Conference

on Good Governance, Leadership, and Socioeconomic Transformation.

Participants engaging in various forms of participation at the conference, which involved discussions and presentations of reports.

Some participants attentively listening to the presentations during the conference

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