Registration for non-degree students will commence on 16th November, 2020 and degree programmes from 23 November, 2020. All payments for registration will be made through the online registration system starting on the respective dates of registration. The online registration link will be sent to your respective admission accounts on the first date of registration, that is 16 November, 2020 for non-degree and 23rd November, 2020 for degree programmes. Do not report at your respective campus without completion of the online registration process. If you find any difficult please call the numbers on our admission page.

   Download Online Registration Guide here



Mzumbe University invites requests for transfer to any of the campuses starting from 23rd November, 2020. Interested candidates who have been admitted in this admission window by other institutions are invited to submit their requests accompanied by the following documents; application letter addressed to admissions office Mzumbe University, certified copies of academic certificates (result slip for form six is accepted too) and birth certificate. In your letter you should indicate your phone number and email. All requests for Transfer from other institutions shall be dealt with at Mzumbe University, Main Campus Morogoro. If you are not close to Morogoro, you can deliver your request to Mbeya Campus or Dar es Salaam Campus. You may also call our mobile numbers or email us through the email provided at the admission page in event of any query. Read carefully the minimum entry requirements before submitting your request.

The link below provides list of programmes which can admitted student from other institutions may request for Transfer to Mzumbe University. We have also indicated cut points which are considered when evaluating your request. You should not request for transfer if the cut point is below what is stated in the document below. You will get response to your request within five (5) days after submission of your request.

Requests for Internal transfers (request to change programme for those currently admitted at Mzumbe University) will be submitted to the admissions office in the respective campuses where the student has been admitted. Internal Transfer requests are submitted upon completion of registration process.


View Transfer Cut-Off Point 2020 here 

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