Congratulations class of 2016

Mzumbe University held its 15th graduation ceremony, in which 3562 graduands earned their degrees in different courses from the three campuses; Main Campus (Friday 2nd December 2016), Mzumbe University Mbeya Campus College (Thursday 8th December 2016) and Mzumbe University Dar es Salaam Campus College (Friday 16th December 2016).

During the graduation ceremonies that took place the University Chairman of the Council, Prof. Matthew Luhanga reminded graduands that after achieving levels of education and skills acquired, the next step was to apply themselves in the workforce of the nation.

Prof. Luhanga also emphasized on the importance of knowledge and skills acquired by the graduands, with the expectation that it will empower them to make positive changes in their walk of lives. Hence, they were advised to each become a catalyst of change in the development of society and our country; and to make good use of their education, knowledge and skills gained in solving the various challenges facing our nation. In addition to that they were also enlightened to use the knowledge and skills gained to be inventive and diligent.

Education has no end” stated Prof. Luhanga, hence he highly urged all graduands not to be satisfied with the degree level they had been conferred; and urged them to continue learning by reading books, publications and using various opportunities to expand their knowledge. In addition graduands were also urged to continue being good ambassadors of the University, by reflecting diligence, good character and integrity in the work force. 


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