It is common practice that organizations recruit most of their employees based on the applicants’ professional specialist backgrounds. Once recruited, those who deploy their individual specialist skills and deliver individual outstanding results get promoted to managerial positions. As managers, they now have to measure their success differently – through the achievements of their teams rather than their individual achievements. Although these specialist skills that have set them on a managerial escalator remain important, they no longer define their new roles as managers. Their new role is: to get results with and through teams of subordinates -and their success will depend on other capabilities, such as - ability to gain influence in their organizations, define and communicate organizational goals that get results, develop and manage focused work plans, build trust, establish the right climate and environment to support effective work teams, manage the emotional culture of their teams, hire and retain good people, motivate and develop the potential of each member of their team and much more. Whether you are a new manager or a seasoned veteran, this course will help you learn the critical skills that all managers who want to be more effective must master.

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