Talent Management – the organization’s commitments to recruit, retain, develop, engage, and align the most talented and superior employees available on the job market – has increasingly become a critical component of modern competition. Given today’s knowledge economy driven by innovation, rapid and disruptive change, traditional talent management skills honed over a century of successful industrial – era are now of little value in meeting the current challenges. It is evident that the employees’ organizations need in five years from now, will be different from the ones they need today. Therefore, without the right people for today and for tomorrow, it will be difficult to execute on strategy, innovate, deliver quality or pursue new markets. Therefore, this is the time HR professionals should come to the table with a clear understanding of their organizations’ most vexing talent management problems as well as doing whatever it takes to develop winning strategies for managing today’s workforce needs and planning for future needs. This course offers an unprecedented opportunity for traditional HR professionals to step up, acquire new knowledge and skills, and become talent management strategic leaders.

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